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A woman who purchased a packet of triple A batteries online got a shock when her order arrived at her house featuring a rather unusual item swap

Online shopping is always a bit of a risk as you never quite know what you're going to get.

Even when ordering a specific item, it can still end up being swapped out for something else if the store is running low on what you're after.

One woman recently got a bit of a shock when the purchase she made arrived and it was not only very far off from what she'd expected - but also was of no use to her whatsoever.

A TikTok user named @gracevp102 recounted the amusing incident in a viral video, which has amassed 17,400 likes so far.

Grace, who lives in Australia, explained how she'd ordered a packet of Triple A batteries from Woolworths. However, when her parcel arrived, the item had been exchanged for a loaf of bread.

This might have been helpful for some, but there was just one issue - she's allergic to wheat. In the clip she said: "Is there anyone here that works for Woolies? So I ordered triple A batteries and they swapped me with a loaf of bread… I’m allergic to wheat."

Luckily Grace saw the funny side of the situation and then filmed herself using slices of bread in lieu of the batteries. She jokingly placed a slice of bread on her TV remote, threw one at her smoke alarm and also attempted to use bread to power up what looks like a wand massager.

After the video went viral, a spokesperson for Woolworths apologised for the error in a comment to

They said: "We know it’s frustrating when our substitutes are wrong and we apologise to the customer for missing the mark on this occasion. Our team of personal shoppers work hard to pick perfect orders for our customers, but they’re human and don’t get it right every time. We’re happy to offer refunds when we get it wrong and will contact the customer to offer one."

The whole thing inspired fellow TikTok users to share their own Woolworths shopping blunders.



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