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State Minister for Solar, Wind and Hydro Power Generation Projects Development Duminda Dissanayake stated while addressing the media that one of the main problems faced by the youth of Sri Lanka as well as the government is the provision of jobs. 

“They come to us seeking jobs after completing Ordinary Level or Advanced Level examinations. They ask for jobs based on the educational qualifications offered in the country, but the best time to change this is now. If the government adopts a strategy that every young person must gain a skill required for a specific job, we can prevent the occurrence of youth requesting jobs purely based on the General Certificates of Education (GCE). 

The reason we have been unable to hone the skills of the youth so far is because we haven’t adopted such a strategy. We give appointments to 100 000 degree holders and we know what degree they have. Sometimes we don’t offer jobs based on their skills but rather based on the fact that they have somehow obtained a degree. 

This will become a big issue in the future. That is why we need a policy decision that the youth must be trained in order to  become employable rather than merely gaining an educational qualification,” he said.  

The minister also stated that the courses currently offered by the Ministry of Skills Development, Vocational Education, Research and Innovations should be updated. He said that the government is able to train the youth through the Ministry of Youth in order to prevent issues in enrolling students. 

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