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The Government of Sri Lanka has appealed against an open judgement made yesterday (October 21) by the Proscribed Organizations Appeals Commission (POAC) of the United Kingdom regarding the group affiliated with the LTTE. The judgment allowed an appeal by the group to a decision made by the the UK Secretary of State for Home Affairs. The decision denied the application by the group to de-proscribe the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) from the list of Proscribed Organizations under the UK Terrorism Act (2000). Proscription laws in the UK ban its citizens from engaging in any activity related to organizations which have been declared as proscribed organisations. 

A statement released by the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry declared that the Sri Lankan government would monitor the appeal closely. The government of Sri Lanka was not party to the proceedings and therefor could not make direct representations but had assisted the UK government by providing the relevant information, the statement added. It also mentioned that the government has sufficient evidence to prove that the remnants of the LTTE and groups aligned with its terrorist ideology are active in foreign countries and that Sri Lanka remains vigilant regarding threats to national security, while also providing support to the international community in the fight against terrorism. 


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