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Key health and safety measures such as maintaining social distance of at least 1 meter between two persons, wearing masks all times and limiting the movement of persons have been gazetted. Health minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi signed this special gazette notification yesterday (October 15). The gazette comes under the under the new quarantine laws. 

The gazette authorises courts to issue a fine of upto Rs.10 000 and a 6 month jail term or either of the two to persons found disobeying the new laws. Guidelines directing the daily operation of businesses and workplaces in line with health and safety measures as well as the entrance of persons to the organization have also been provided. 

Such guidelines include wearing masks at all times, maintaining a minimum distance of 1 meter between two persons, checking the temperature of all persons upon entry, provision of adequate arrangements to facilitate frequent hand washing as well as the provision of hand sanitizer and a record of all persons who enter the premises. Limiting the number of employees and other persons below the official limit has also been included in the guidelines. 

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