Corrections Policy

Mistakes happen. Journalists are not an exception to this universal truth. Honest errors are a part of publishing even after the application of due diligence procedures.

While at every effort is made to ensure that our reports represent correct, latest and the most relevant data, we believe how we deal with errors in our articles is important to maintaining our integrity and the trust of our readers and sources.

When publishes an error and it is brought to our notice whether, by our staffers or our readers, we will acknowledge it and take appropriate steps to correct it right away on all platforms used by us.

Readers are also welcome to submit any complaints on our editorial material. We are open to constructive feedback and criticism. In case you find a discrepancy or an error, please write to our editors at  or with CORRECTION or COMPLAINT as the subject line.

The team will address any bona fide requests for corrections or complaints right away. Alternately members of the public can also forward any requests for review of published information by contacting us through WhatsApp on 0094764412285 or through any of our social media accounts.

In addition, if any new information comes to light after we publish a news report that materially changes that story, we will clarify, correct or update our story. In all cases, we will provide a note to readers that explain the change, why it was made and the date it was made. Any corrections we make to our news reports are prominently acknowledged.