Fact Check : Communique going viral on Mrs. Sri Lanka fiasco was not issued by the Mrs. World international body

Verified through Mrs. World International Body and Citizen Fact Check

April 06 th 2021, 07:40:55 pm

A news report on several mainstream media outlets featuring an purported communique from the Mrs. World international body went viral on social media this week following the ugly scenes at the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant on April 4. News reports claimed the communique was issued by the Mrs. World international body. But Citizen Fact Check has found the claim to be false. On investigation, the internet footprints of the Mrs. World Inc. revealed that it does not function through an official world body consisting of a known Board of Directors. Neither does the organization have a Communications Manager or department. The only verification to prove its existence was its verified Facebook page. Citizen Fact Check contacted the organization through the contact details featured there. An official at the US office told Citizen Fact Check that they will not intervene into the incident that took place in Sri Lanka and denied a communique was issued. According to the official further steps were taken by Sri Lanka’s national director for the pageant. Citizen Fact Check attempted to contact Chandimal Jayasinghe, the national director but the calls went unanswered. Citizen Fact Check also spoke to several journalists that had reported the information in the communique. They directed us to the Mrs. Sri Lanka World facebook page operated by the Sri Lanka chapter as their sources for the communique. But the same communique which was made to seem as issued by the world body has not been uploaded to its verified Facebook page. We sought to check the authenticity of the press release due to various discrepancies in the document including a difference in the dates mentioned and numerous spelling mistakes. The document also does not feature a footer, any contact details or a signatory and pertinent information on the organization.



Full verification of the Fact Check to follow shortly.

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